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Flipping through the channels one afternoon, I stopped at a music channel and they were showing 10,000 maniac’s “These are days”. The song rang a bell way back in my head. The voice was so soothing and the music completely relaxed me, then I was captured by an image. 


In the video, there are two kids. A boy and a girl. The boy comes running to the girl and with his eyes filled with excitement and angst encounters her with a message written on his forehead: kiss me quick. The girl looks at him, her eyes saying everything her voice is unable to. She then lifts her sweater and unveals this message: squeeze me slow. Kiss me quick/squeeze me slow. Hurry! but let this last forever. 


I don’t know about other people, but this captivated me. So I then decide to google it and find nothing. Well, I do, but what I found is that the phrase is related to the idea of a british holiday (if I understook correct) at the beach. So I don’t know if it has a whole different meaning than I’m giving it. I really hope not.


Anyway, I started to think about this. Kiss me quick, squeeze me slow. Kiss me quick! squeeze me… slow. KISS ME QUICK, squeeze me ssllloooowwwww. . . . . Kiss me right now, I want you to, I need you to. Ok, I will. But please, could you try and make me feel like this will last forever? 


Of course, even though I try not to get all caught up in it, from time to time I get sentimental. And this time I just had to let these six words feel me up with warmth inside. I started thinking about it. All of you, you can’t deny it, when thinking about a kiss you gave and that was inspired by innocence and was truly genuine get all tingly inside. Do you remember? seeing this guy/girl and you found yourself caught up in the whole emotion. It’s just nice when you feel that spark, that connection between your soul and his or hers. And then…. oh boy.How would be to touch that skin? And when you first noticed his/her particular scent, smell, that intoxicating aroma. I do.


Looking into his/her eyes. And it can be hard, because you don’t want to get all flushed and flustered.Oh please don’t say something stupid! Be cool. Stay calm. What? did you say something. I was trying to pay attention, but….damn it! And then, there’s a touch, a gaze, a smile. Some words. A word. A giggle, followed by a hug. Oh, that smell. He/she is so soft. How would it be to lean on your shoulder? To hold your hand for more than two seconds? Will I some day wrap you with my arms and discover how my head fits perfectly on your chest? And then… I’ll gaze up and you’ll gaze down. I want to, but I don’t want to get hurt. I see into your eyes, it’s so hard. My first instinct is to look away, but no, I can’t right now. Oh my gosh, that mouth. Those lips. Could it be? We could try and see. But…. what if? And if… Time’s passing by. Hesitating. I see you want to. Ok. here goes nothing. And then it happens! Wait! what? no, don’t go away. You’re so warm. It was so quick. Just hold me now. I’ve already grown used to the beating of your heart. Did you feel what I felt?


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