So yesterday I lit up an incense stick and let it burn. Then, I started staring at the smoke that rose from it. I just loved the shape and forms it took, how it converted from one thing to the next, from a straight line to a gracious and beautiful curve, that rolled up and later dissapeared into the air. 

With every breath I took near it, the direction and shape of the smoke changed. I had an effect on it and made me think: every single thought, action and word has an effect on life. It may be good or bad, but there is a change. Your path is altered and the consequences are not the same. 

As you brathe and start being aware of it, you try and stop to think about the choices and consequences in your life. This choice and this path or this decision and that road? You’ll never go along the same way if you depart from point A or B. I don’t believe that this road will take you to the same destination. Along this trip, you’ll encounter so many different people, stories, feelings, tasks… The destination just can’t be the same. You may think so, but the actions, the variables that you encounter are just so many and I’m pretty sure that along the way your route will change. New paths, take a short-cut, go by the road less traveles, stop and enjoy a sunset or sunrise, start again but realize that your path is no longer taking you where you wish to go because while you were taking a breath it came upon you: destination A is no longer where you wish to go, now it’s destination F. Not B, C, D, E, G, H, I… It’s F. So now, you must change route and go along or maybe go back. Whatever you need to do now in order to reach that new gate.

Everything we do in life has an effect. And now I’m aware of the POWER of my actions. Should I now think 10 minutes before doing every single thing I do before moving a muscle? There are just too many things to think about. So then, go with the flow? And have no say in my life. Just roll with the punches? I think not. 

I don’t have an answer for it and I’m pretty sure no one on Earth has, but whatever the road I’m on right now, I’ll stick to it for as long as it works for me. I’ll go to the gate I wish to go if I think it’ll make me happy, the second I don’t feel the same, change road and maybe gate. But wait… is the destination the same, then? Happiness, all along?

I’m not able to answer that right now. It’s just that happiness can have so many different shapes during your existence. So maybe then: roads, gates to the same… STATE OF MIND? You take a map, look at the roads, walk along and when you reach the gate and are able to open it, because of the skills you have earned during all your traveling. Now you open the gate and discover what’s behind it. Did I make sense just there? I have no idea…

Yoga, Christianity, Science, Atheism. All of these are roads that you take to reach your gate: awareness, illumination, knowledge. With the wisdom that the blisters on your feet gave you, the gates can be opened and now you see what’s on the other side: SELF REALIZATION.