(Just saw the Red Violin. Definitely wish to see Amadeus).

Music. Such passion inspires it and is inspired by it. It goes around and around, always touching one another.

What inspires such passion in me? What drives me crazy? For what would I die or kill? If you go through life without feeling this, without going momentarily insane and blind (er, might I say suddenly being able to stare right into the sun without closing your eyes) while fighting and pursuing your dreams, your breath has been worthless.

What is life without those crazy moments? How could you bare existence without bursts of pure blist born from carelessness, recklessness or selfishness? True, not the most innocent and pure of feelings have been mentioned now as the genesis for passion, but it seems to me that only those can exemplify the insanity that can be driven by passion. And passion that is driven by insanity. 

Cave into the moment and just let that second of nirvana soak up your whole being, if only for once in your life. But passion… it’s worth it. And then, you won’t be willing to let it go. Don’t. No life is worth living without heart-aching passion.