If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?

Chigurh, No Country for Old Men


When I heard this, it just stuck to my brain. It really struck me, because day after day your life moves along the lines that you’ve established. Actions, thoughts and words come out of you thanks to a set of rules, moral values and social codes. This may or may not have been set by you, but I am positive that not a day goes by in which you think about how feasible life is by following guidelines. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t… at all.


I believe that the rules by which our life is guided result from an awareness that starts to develop around age 12. It’s right before you hit the teenage years and the whole figure-out-what-the-world-is-about and this-world-is-crazy-and-I’m-the only-one-sane-around-here-so-why-don’t-you-listen-to-me starts to develop. Or am I wrong? No matter where you’re from or your family background, teenage years are tough, but I believe that they help you START figuring out who you are and the rules you wish to live by.


I myself have changed my rules several times. I thought they would work out, but it turned out that I was wrong. Maybe you start trying to live your life according to rules imposed by society, family, religion, government, what not. And it may work for some people, but for others, it may not. Then, you move on to try a whole different approach, go the opposite end. And again, it may work or not. I think that the satisfaction derived from the results obtained determine following or not your commandments.


Nobody in life can say that they’ve lived life the same way always. People are dynamic entities, so life must be a constant search for whatever makes you happy. For some time, you think that the philosophy chosen will take you there, but turns out it doesn’t. CHANGE OF RULE. And the time you invest in searching for a new way is so tiring because defeat always puts moral down. Suddenly, you think you’ve figured it out… you try out and once again, bad results. RULE MUST BE MODIFIED. Defeats make your heart sink, I know this too well and it hurts the most when you thought you had already figured at least THAT PART of life. But you see, you’ll never figure life out completely. It just has too many factors to take into account.


So my rule, for the time being is live each day to its’ fullest and if I do anything, try and not affect anyone else. This is my code in general. I stumble upon the way and try to pick myself (and pieces) up and if one day I stand defeated, I may change A rule, but not my CORE.