Vacations have been over for little more than 3 weeks now and I’ve found myself just letting go of what had relaxed me and given me so much peace during my end of year break. Getting up sooooooo early and diving into morning traffic. Damn morning commute!!! Sitting inside a room with artificial light for more than 2 hours at times and getting out for a little break, finding yourself surrounded by people, most of whom you don’t think much of. Putting up with the rest of class hours and then going back home. Damn afternoon commute!!!! 

Have lunch, take a little break and then, start working… homework. Too tired at the end of the day for my leisure reading… barely keeping my eyes open and then it hits me: LIFE, it caught up with me. But I refuse, you see. I just refuse to be sucked into the system and try so hard to keep my head out of the water. 

I realize that I haven’t posted anything for a while, I mean, anything more than just a few words. I have denied myself the pleasure of sitting down and exploring whatever is inside me and it’s sad and hard. I guess this is why so many people, me included, have such a hard time finding out just exactly what they stand for, what force drives them each day to get up or even open up their eyes. But now that I’ve come aware of these deviant ways (MINE) I shall stop and turn around. I shall go and read. I will sit down and write. I will not compromise what I stand for just because it’s hard on people, it makes them a tad bit uncomfortable (will develop that idea later on).

So, here is to you life: CARPE DIEM. 


.Photo by Carlos Paniagua