Things that I thought worthwhile:

-Don’t you see that if you have no relations with people it’s easier to be honest with them?

-No reality could equal the imagination she had formed.

-When we think we’re in love we make it up. We imagine what doesn’t exist. That’s why it’s impossible that we should ever marry. Always to be finding the other an illusion, and going off and forgetting abouth them, never to be certain that you cared, or that he wasn’t caring for some one not you at all, the horror of changing from one state to the other, being happy one moment and miserable the next – that’s the reason we can’t possibly marry.

– His calm was only superficial, as he knew too well; it did not exist much below the surface of tie, waistcoat and white slip.

-… the bowing and curtsying, advancing and retreating, which are characteristics of one of the many million partnerships of men and women.

– It’s being and not doing that matters.

– She was, indeed, rather annoyed with herself for having allowed such an ill-considered breach of her reserve, weakening her powers of resistance, she felt, should this impulse return again. For, as she walked along th estreet tho her office, the force of all her customary objections to being in love with anyone overcame her. She did not want to marry at all. It seemed to her that there was something amauterish in bringing love into touch with a perfectly straight forward friendship… had based itself uppon common interests in impersonal topics.