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Since I was little, I don’t know why, but I’ve felt a special connection with the Planet Earth. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, nature, animals, plants, feeling the breeze hit my face while I’m running in the open fields. I remember one time while I was in kinder-garden in Tallahassee, they took the whole class out for a walk. So a bunch of little kids are walking through the field and the teacher is talking about Earth and then suddenly a big black bird flies over us and she says: there goes Mother Nature and I was like: OH MY GOD!!!! Cool…. And then Teacher says: Mother Nature surrounds us and once again, my jaw dropped. I’m telling you, it can get deep.

In the same way, I’ve always been concerned about pollution, destruction, carelessness and recklessness towards Mother Nature. How can a person just not think about the impact he or she has on Nature? It’s just mind-boggling.

One night I was watching 60 minutes with my mom and the report was about E-waste. You know, all electronical waste. Nowadays, whatever technology you buy, 6 months after you’ve had it, you’re already out of date. So it’s all about upgrading and getting the latest gadget. And what do you do with the old camera? The old computer? The old TV? Well, you most likely throw it away and after that you just don’t worry about it.

I’ve always wondered about it and this report only confirmed my biggest fears. What I saw just made me so sad because I know most people just don’t care. After your electronic junk is thrown away, it ends up most likely in the local dump-ground and it’ll take forever for it to decompose and in the meantime all the toxic components that make up your little gadget pollute the soil and underground water. Just think about all the contamination you’re producing just by throwing away your camera, your cell phone. I mean, why do you need to change cell phones every year? Think of the pollution. To tell you the truth, seeing this report convinced me again of not getting rid of my 3 year old cell phone, the 10 year old stereo, my 20 year old radio and what not.



Pollution by Gilbert Rodriguez

The report also talks about how your good intentions of recycling your e-waste can just turn in the wrong direction when the organizations you trust for this, just throw your junk in a third world country and let the people get sick. The fumes, the melting plastic, the metals they try to get from your junk make them sick. Can you see just what you’re causing by throwing away your old camera? I mean, really?

We only have one planet to live on and I don’t know if we’ll ever conquer another, but in the meantime, let’s respect this one. There are so many organizations nowadays that enable us to help out. Get involved. Start by not getting rid of things that still work.




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